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Dr. Karásek, V., PhD


Looking for reading glasses? Need glasses for driving too?

Here’s a new solution!
Allow us to introduce you to a unique product on the contact lens market: Accuvue Bifocal 14-day contact lenses from Johnson and Johnson’s.
Accuvue Bifocal contact lenses mean that there is finally a solution for those who need glasses for reading and for seeing in the distance. They also answer the needs of those who must take off their glasses in order to read.  Subject of multiple patents, this new product guarantees quality vision at all distances in a wide range of lighting, enabling you to do many of the things that otherwise require glasses: drive, watch television, work on a computer, read books or take part in sporting activities.
Using Accuvue Bifocal, you’ll appreciate above all the ease of all day vision correction for near- and far-sightedness with an unlimited field of vision and freedom of movement.

Accuvue Bifocal contact lenses are simple, safe and comfortable.  Handling could not be easier, as the inner and outer sides of the lenses are laser marked. Further, the lenses come in packages of six pairs and have UV filtering.

You can obtain a trial pair of Accuvue Bifocal, complete with solution and carrying case, at our offices free of charge.
In order to save your time, you can order by telephone Monday to Friday on 220 510 636 or on our 24 hour answering machine on 220 513 713.
We look forward to your visit.

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